A plentiful harvest is the goal for any agricultural producer. One key to a successful harvest year to year is maintaining a watchful eye on crops and managing the things you can control. Every year agribusinesses and producers are finding more innovative ways to capture as much information about their crops as possible and utilize the latest technologies to push their fields to a bountiful harvest. At DMZ we work to keep both agribusiness and producers ahead of the curve by introducing new innovations and helping decipher the ever-changing world of Agricultural Technology. Whether it is scouting land with the latest UAV's, sending crop data from your equipment to the cloud, or utilizing the next generation fertilizers and biological stimulants, you can count on DMZ to bring forth the newest technologies and shed light on the growing trends in agriculture.

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AIMQ 3.0

DMZ FOV UAV Remote Sensing Systems

Please check out the specification sheet on our all new AIMQ 3.0 GeoSnap scouting UAV packages. Our AIMQ 3.0 GeoSnap provides stunning multispectral imagery and unmatched efficiency through the use of the packages proprietary Geotility software. Click here to read more about our multispectral packages!

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Presenting DMZ Technologies

DMZ is proud to present their new line of agricultural technologies. These technologies come in three categories; UAV Technologies, Data Management Systems, and Biological Stimulants. Each of these umbrella categories have their own product lines, including; the AIMQ (Aerial Intelligence Modified Quadcopter) Scouting Series under the UAV Technologies Category, Yield Link under the Data Management Systems Category, and Complement under the Biological Stimulants Category. Each of these product lines encompass three areas of significant growth in the Agricultural sector moving forward. As UAV's begin to make their mark as the next generation crop scout, agribusiness and equipment manufactures battle to become data management companies, and biological stimulants change the way we farm, DMZ provides insight into all these sectors and helps clear the fog in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment.

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